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Crumb Rubber   CRUMB RUBBER

Crumb Rubber is a technically innovative tyre rubber processor producing ultra fine rubber powder and rubber granules for traditional and novel applications. With state-of-the-art processing capabilities and technical expertise we act as more than just a rubber crumb supplier, also offering partnership for material and product development. The dimensional consistency and high purity of the products enables our partners to increase their competitive advantage.

In general, processed waste tires refer to applications of chipped tires or crumb rubber.  Crumb rubber, also referred to as ground rubber, is a wire-free fine rubber particle made by size reduction from scrap tires. Various size reduction techniques can be used to achieve a wide range of particle sizes down to 600 microns or less.  Chipped tires also result in wire-free shredded tire particles of relatively large particle size compared to crumb rubber. In this discussion, 'crumb rubber' will refer to both crumb rubber

and chipped tires for convenience.

For crumb rubber (excluding civil engineering applications) approximately 120 million pounds were sold on the open market in 1992. This increased to 440 million pounds in 1996. Civil engineering applications also constitute a rapid growing market (an increase of almost 350 % from 1990 to 1998).

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